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Here are some comments from a number of clients served by ADS South. We hope to add your successful experience to our growing list.

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The quality and experience of ADS West Virginia speaks volumes when getting to visually see a video of one of our many satisfied dentists.
Enjoy just a few video testimonials below.

Printed Testimonials

Thanks so very much for an excellent transition. I know I will enjoy the new life style, and I hope Dr. Soni willbe very happy and very successful Thanks again for a great job. Best wishes to you and your wife. Safe flying!

Charlie Nave

Earl exceeded my expectations and gave me excellent service. His knowledge of the dental field is invaluable. I trust his opinion and would use ADS again.

Candace A. Cole, DDS

Always quick to return my calls and messages. Honest evaluation of all issues. His services met my needs excellently and I would choose ADS South again.

Stuart H. Whiddon, DDS

ADS South and Earl Douglas were great through the whole process of acquiring my new dental practice. He made the transition very easy, and stress free as possible. Earl was always available to answer my questions, and always had an answer. Earl even flew his own plane to meet me personally instead of just doing everything via email and phone.

Prior to owning my own practice, I was an associate and had no idea what I needed to do to obtain my own practice. I called Earl and he got the ball rolling and helped every step of the way. He knew of many contacts to help me acquire the practice. He got me in touch with everyone from a lawyer to help with the contract, to a bank for getting the loan.

Even though the transition is complete, Earl still keeps in touch to make sure everything is going well and the business numbers are where they should be. I would highly recommend ADS South for any dentist looking to buy or sell a practice.

Nicholas J. Hurley, DDS

I thought everything went so smooth and so easy, just like you made the whole process in the past year. Betty and I are very appreciative of all you did in making this happen. We could not have been more pleased.

William D. Findlay, DMD

One will not find a service with more integrity and professionalism. Furthermore, the promptness and clarity of communications are unmatchable. We highly recommend their services!

Michael Scott Wasson, DMD

I recently retired and sold my dental practice of forty years. Dr. Earl Douglas at ADS facilitated the transaction for me. I can honestly say that the entire process went more effortlessly and smoothly than I could ever have imagined. Dr. Douglas has vast experience in this field and his guidance was invaluable. At no time did I feel pressured to make a hasty decision or feel rushed just to "close the deal." Also, I might add that he is very good at being equally fair to both parties involved. I would give him my highest recommendation. The service I sought and received was superior, professional, and executed in a timely manner. I was very impressed by Earl and enjoyed getting to know him. He knows how and what is required to meet his clients' goals.

H. C. Davis, Jr., DDS

Dr. Earl Douglas was always accessible to answer my questions and to provide honest answers. He and the ADS staff are the best practice brokers that I have ever dealt with. I recommend them highly.

Scott Folsom, DMD

Over the past two years, I have worked with Jim Howard to purchase two dental practices and without his expertise in completing dental transitions and his willingness to go the extra mile for both the buyer and seller, it would not have been possible. One of Jim's greatest assets is his practical experience as a dentist because he understands the human element of what a selling and purchasing dentist go through when completing a transition. Jim utilizes this experience along with his integrity and fairness, to make the transitions beneficial for both parties. These attributes have made my experience working with him very positive and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Barry Farrell, Brush Dental Care

I have engaged Dr. Earl Douglas to provide me with guidance in the process of finding a partner. I have found Dr. Douglas to possess knowledge and experience. He made a series of complex situations easy. Being a dentist is one of his greatest attributes that few practice consultants possess. I recommend him without equivocation in any aspect of transition or consultation.

Steven M. Gallant, DDS, FAGD

Earl was so laid back, he made me relax and feel very comfortable talking to him. I appreciate his honesty. He said 'you can't get to second base with your foot on first'. Go out there and do it!

Heather Allen, DDS

It was a great experience for both of us. I got paid in full at closing and my associate who bought the practice got 100% financing.

William B. Shropshire, DDS

Dr. Douglas was my cheerleader and mentor. He had both parties' interests at heart.

Lisa Brodsky, DDS

Earl is a straight shooter. He found 100% financing for the buyer. He has a sophisticated financial model that has been tried and found to be accurate.

Scott Sink (Dental Practice Owner)

Earl found the perfect practice for me only five minutes from home which allows me to balance my work and my family life.

Nancy Ferrara, DDS

There was no pressure. Earl almost let nature take its course to find the right buyer for my practice so I could stay and work.

James Soteres, DMD

Earl's appraisals are always very accurate and he looks out for both parties. I would recommend any seller use Earl to sell their practice because of his 25 years of experience.

Matt Adrian
Bank of America Practice Solutions

To a lender, it is important that the deal is a win-win for both seller and buyer. Dr. Douglas provides that with his accurate fair market appraisals and right match between the buyer and seller. As a lender, I also appreciate his monitoring service for buyers to be sure they stay on the right track.

Dan Croft, VP
GE Health Care Financial Services

Earl does his due diligence up front about the seller and looks for all the opportunities available for the buyer. He knows the industry. He is a dentist and knows how to run a practice.

Howard Boles, VP
Irwin Commercial Finance

Dr. Earl Douglas has assisted my dental career and me many times over the past thirteen years. I first worked with him in 1995 when he sold my dental practice. He realized a 50% premium to the value I had assigned to my practice. From that great experience I worked with him again in purchasing and eventually transitioning out of a much larger practice. He has assisted my placement as an associate dentist and also helped me bring associates into my practice.

Randy Miller, DDS

ADS South made the selling process of my practice of 28 years fun. They were so professional and patient. They wanted to make sure it is completely right for both parties. I really appreciated the attention to everyone and everything involved. None better!

Harry R. "Frosty" Culp, DDS

My only regret is that I didn't call Earl Douglas sooner.

Bill Akins, DDS

Without your services, this transition would have been very difficult. I appreciate all your help.

Isobel Ruiz-Martinez, DDS

You made the overwhelming task of getting financing, finding a lawyer and CPA, and practice consultant, not to mention finding the perfect office - all effortless.

Michaela McKenzie, DDS

All the people whom you recommended and with whom I had to deal (Howard, Ray, and Bill) are first class. I am very excited about my new practice and looking forward to my first day.

Stas Tkatch, DDS

I am enjoying my retirement. . . thank you for facilitating the transition.

Susan Lee, DDS

ADS South provided a very professional service. All of my goals were achieved. I am happy with my transition and appreciated the caring attitude of ADS South.

Larry Neal, DDS

ADS South is well-connected and on top of things. The practice evaluation was timely and I was very impressed that it was accomplished as promised. My practice sold in the necessary time frame as requested. Everything worked well with my transition.

Denise Waldron, DMD

Due to ADS South's knowledge of my desires and their quick action, I was able to find the perfect practice for me in, literally, weeks.

Clay Alford, DDS

One year out of dental school, I wasn't sure if I was ready or capable of owning my own dental practice. With his honesty and sincerity, Dr. Douglas not only convinced me that I could operate my own practice, but also found the perfect practice for me. Dr. Douglas secured me a lender and guided me smoothly through the acquisition. All I had to do was sign the papers and begin caring for patients. Now, I am a 28 year old dentist with a million dollar practice.

Jake Henderson, DDS

The transition has been very smooth and very satisfactory.

Alvin J. Bernard, DDS

Thanks again for the great practice you made happen for me. I cannot tell you how absolutely perfect this place is for me. Best staff in the world, the one I inherited, and no one has left, best location in the world for me and my life and the best of the best of everything else.

Karen Bremer, DDS

Upon completion of four transactions with you and your staff (two sales and two purchases), I knew I needed to ask only one question: Where do I sign?

Betty Altman, DDS

Your expertise is deeply appreciated. Working with you has been a pleasure.

William Mynatt, DDS

I would like to express my appreciation and admiration for the exceptional degree of service demonstrated by you and your ADS South staff. Your experience and careful planning were clear, as the arrangements unfolded. In fact, the closing seemed more like just a few friends relaxing and talking!

Tom Bender, DDS

Earl and Elaine were great! From the first day that I called for information, the response was quick and courteous. My new practice is just what I was looking for. I would gladly refer any of my colleagues to ADS South at any time.

Joi Freemont, DDS

I have worked with other practice brokers before and, believe me, there is no comparison! You and your staff made what could have been a stressful and complex event a walk in the park. Your professionalism and attention to detail were not only refreshing, but were integral to the success of my recent practice purchase. I must also commend you on your network of associates who greatly simplified everything from purchasing insurance to obtaining financing. I can only say that I would heartily encourage any dentist who is considering a practice purchase to use the services you provide.

Todd Afferica, DDS

ADS South, has helped us with two practice transitions in the past three years. Both have been handled with the care and expertise needed for these specialized business deals. Dr. Douglas has complete, easy to understand analyses for each step of the process. His experience in this field has allowed us to develop a practice that makes our future very bright. I would not make a move in this area without consulting him first.

Daniel D. Phelps, DDS

Thank you for your time and energy that made possible the merger of Dr. Cheramie's dental practice into Louisiana Dental Center's Family. The evaluation of both of our practices, including the analysis of their compatibility, was extremely accurate, and we are both enjoying successes because of your foresight.

Michael A. McGraw, DDS

Well organized service, friendly and helpful staff, utmost professionalism. Once required information was in hands of ADS South, they handled all paperwork and transactions with all involved in closing the transfer of my dental practice. Thank you, Earl and the rest of ADS South, for a job well done!

Max A. Harris, Jr., DDS

I have just recently purchased my first dental practice. Dr. Earl Douglas and the staff at ADS South have been real helpful in steering me in the right direction. Dr. Douglas, being very organized and on top of things, pointed out to me where improvement is needed and how to go about achieving it.

Elizabeth H. Guerrero, DDS

When I first decided to sell my dental practice, I was frightened, getting into dentistry is one thing, getting out is another thing entirely. ADS South made me feel at ease and gave me confidence. The appraisal and sale was handled with prompt and effective actions, with satisfaction to both the buyer and the seller.

Bert M. Brannan, Jr., DDS

I really enjoyed working with Earl and his staff and appreciate the efforts in making the transition work. I feel very fortunate to realize the complete break so swiftly and with such ease and few problems.

Pinkney B. Young, III, DDS

I am writing this testimonial to the excellent services provided to me by Dr. Earl Douglas in the purchase and transfer of my dental practice last year. Earl was always there when I had a question and represented both parties well throughout the negotiations. Earl's projections were presented in a conservative manner and the practice analysis was complete, accurate, and well prepared. The entire transaction was conducted in a causal, friendly, low pressure manner and the transfer went smoothly.

Michael R. Dearstyne, DDS

Thank you again, Earl and Elaine, for the prompt and professional manner in which you conducted the sale of my practice.

Gary D. Fox, DDS

Thanks again for your excellent service. I am very happy with the results of this sale and shall advise all of my 'old' dentist friends to use your services when they decide to retire.

Robert E. Bass, DDS

Although I have had little time to reflect on the transition that has taken place in my life recently, it is obvious to me how helpful your organization has been. There was much agonizing over what to do with my career, but once I made the choice, and contacted you, the transition went very smoothly. To sell a dental practice and try to maintain it during the process is one of the hardest things I have ever done. With your help the transition occurred quickly, with little hold-up. That proved to be an advantage to both myself and the new dentist coming in.

Scott A. Brundrett, DDS

Earl was very helpful, very knowledgeable, and fair minded in regard to the wishes and needs of both buyer and seller. I believe our transition was expedient and thorough and I hate to think what would have happened if we had not had him guiding us through this.

Jimmy McDonald, DDS

I think Earl's system is very fair to both the owner and the associate. I feel very comfortable starting an associate in my new office.

Stephen S. Smith, DDS

ADS South has never steered me wrong. I have now dealt with ADS South on two occasions, the purchase of a practice and most recently the addition of an associate. Both situations were handled very well and with utmost professionalism.

Fred A. Moore, DMD

The sale of my practice was handled by ADS South in a professional and courteous manner with no unnecessary interruptions during the process. I would highly recommend their services to any dentist.

W. R. DeBrucque, DDS

I take this occasion to thank you and your associates for your involvement in the marketing and sale of my oral surgery practice. I was impressed with the thorough and professional approach to valuation and advertising of the practice, and, ultimately, the end result of securing a satisfied purchaser.

Charles W. Thompson, DDS

ADS South delivered in all aspects of transaction - retirement at 49.

Don Brown, DDS

All I had to do was make it known I was looking to purchase a practice. This practice matched my needs exactly - left handed operatories, rural setting, at a price in my range. Also, it was an existing practice that allowed me to go in the first week and be busy!

Kenneth M. Black, DDS

You even provided information that I probably would not have thought of on my own. Your equity associateship is a wonderful idea. I feel that I am being treated fairly and that the arrangement is mutually beneficial to both parties. I feel that I am being provided the opportunity to develop my clinical and patient relation skills to the fullest without having to worry about the business side of the practice. As I grow more comfortable with the daily operation of the practice, I am gradually learning the practice management skills necessary to run the office at a more enjoyable pace.

I. Bradford Lipham, DMD

I have been personally involved in several practice transitions and found this to be the easiest by far.

John Portwood, Jr., DDS

I certainly do appreciate the efficient manner in which you handled the sale of my dental practice. Your analysis and appraisal were the determining factors in obtaining a fair price. I truly feel that without your third party help, agreements would have been next to impossible to achieve. Without your help, I feel I would still be negotiating with the buyer and surely would hot have received what the practice was worth.

O. Ray McKenzie, DDS

I appreciate honest win-win contracts.

Jim Lane, DDS

Every effort was made to individually guide me through the process of buying a practice. I received the highest degree of professionalism and would recommend your consultation services to another dentist without hesitation.

James C. Kirk, DDS

The sale of my practice happened so fast my head is still turning.

Joseph S. Leech, DDS

The sale would not have been possible without ADS South.

Nick Penna, DDS

ADS South served as a good mediator between buyer and seller, trying to meet the needs and wants of each while maintaining a cordial relationship between both parties. This is very important in a transaction in which buyer and seller will need to work closely together in the future for the overall good of the involved practice and its patients.

Paul E. Hood, DDS

Not only were the 'before the sale of practice' details taken care of completely, but also questions gladly answered after sale was completed.

H. H. Robinson, DDS

Your low pressure approach, along with your openness and honesty on the front end are the primary reasons that I feel absolutely comfortable with the process and result of my practice transaction.

Randall A. Coggins, DMD

You helped make a potentially harrowing experience a pleasant and productive endeavor. I thank you for your honesty and professionalism and I would highly recommend you to any dentist in the market for a purchase acquisition.

Roger P. Bermingham, DDS

All aspects of the deal were well covered and the documentation was absolutely outstanding. Dr. Douglas was a great help in all phases of the dealings and both myself and the seller were extremely leased with our decision to use ADS South's services.

James H. Taylor, DDS

I have just had my best vacation ever; it was great not to have to worry about problems or expenses in the dental office. For about five years I have been in the process of disposing of my dental practice and with no results. This is why I am so impressed with the very fair contract you made for me with a very fine, well qualified young dentist. In just a few months after I contact you, you accomplished what I had begun to think was impossible.

William B. Moore, Jr., DDS

Evan a few very tense moments were handled gracefully. Subsequent contact with the buyer confirms the accuracy of your valuation procedures - his cash flow has consistently met or exceeded your projections. I'd hire you again in a minute.

A. Ryan Stanley, DDS

The merger is working. Earl, that you for helping to create this new practice - without you I would never have taken this step - who knows what I may dare to do next!

Barbara L. Chalkey, DMD

Earl listened carefully to our individual needs and tailored a unique contract for our situation . . . he truly wants to make both parties happy.

C. O. Jernigan, DMD

Your services help make 'dreams come true'. Your guidance and level-headedness kept me on course during a very turbulent time of my life. It's not an easy task finding a dental practice, but you made it so much easier with all that you did.

Fredric A. Moore, DMD

I feel your strong points were your availability for consultation, and your persistence in following through with the myriad of details. Although only seven weeks into the new practice, it appears that it will exceed our expectations. Again, thank you for your efforts in arranging a great win-win situation.

Gabriel J. Rich, III, DDS, FAGD

Dr. Douglas made it possible for me to buy a dental practice that I had spent two months trying to arrange on my own. The process is infinitely more complicated than I imagined, financing is incredibly difficult, and there are many more details and subtle legalities than I could have handled alone.

Catherine R. Moody, DDS

I think you have a service that dentistry desperately needs. It meant a great deal to David and me to know that both our interests were being looked out for. It turned what I thought would be a nightmare into a gratifying and rewarding experience.

Arthur P. Brown, DMD

I can't begin to tell you what a pleasant experience selling my practice with your help has been. As you are well aware, giving up a part of your life which you thoroughly loved, has not been easy. But at the same time, having all details covered by you made it a wonderful experience for me.

Lawrence E. Wilson, DDS

Your service was most important in perceiving and communicating to a younger dentist the pro's and con's of a contractual relationship. You served me well by your innovative ideas presented in the contract and by communicating its meaning to both parties. I was impressed by your patient and flexibility to change some of your concepts to meet both of our needs and still maintain incentives for both parties.

Robert M. McLean, DDS

Have you ever put off retiring because you were afraid that you couldn't live the lifestyle you wanted? I was. Earl Douglas presented a plan that allowed me to 'have my cake and eat it too!'

Clinton C. Diercks, DDS